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>> that's what is making news in america a is morning. >> stay with us, of course, for "good morning america." thanks so much for watching, everybody. have a great tuesday. live, and in high definition, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. allow the american become collateral damage to washington's political bickering. >> the president would not take answer,an unfortunately. ? dueling thater plants turns into a stalemate. still no signs of progress. good morning, washington. tuesday, july 26. thanks for waking up with us. i am cynee simpson. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and
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weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. meteorologist steve rudin. >> good morning. is starting to feel a lot outside with a change in the wind direction. there will be a little patchy fog in the early morning. later in the afternoon it will feel great. degrees right now at reagan national, feels like 82. yesterday at this time it felt like 90. 73 at dulles, 70 and in gaithersburg and frederick. dew point levels are starting to fall. it will not still quite as uncomfortable for the day. the cold front has moved through. will settle back across. . morning fog should diminish by will turnthe skies mostly sunny. high temperatures in the upper low 90's. wind out of the northwest at 5- 10. more humidity and a big
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ofmup on the way by the end the week. that forecast in a few minutes. first, lisa baden. there's a lot of construction around town, 66.icularly on all of that will be gone by the you get to the highway. going into maryland, southbound 270, looks great. nothing on interstate 70. good on the dulles toll road.d the looks good from 7 to tysons. westbound at glebe road, the construction leaguers until 7:00. quiet from bowie on 50. a good run in and out of baltimore. back to the news desk. congress has one week now to the debt ceiling and prevent a default. president obama and house
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boehner are urging sidecans to support their s. the speaker said the president changed his demands. but presidents and and the republicans are holding the economy hostage. >> the american people may have voted for the government, but hey did not vote for a dysfunctional government. >> if you are spending more money than you are taking in, you need to spend less. >> senate democrats want to cut .7 neither their plan or the plan appears to be agreeable to the other side. following breaking news from rockville. 11 people hospitalized after exposed to carbon monoxide.
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this happened around 2:00 this the 1200 block of first street. 3 2 miles are among the 11 victims. a faulty water heater is to blame. they were evacuated. seven people rescued from a building intment southeast d.c. out at 10:30 last on savannahuilding street. or trapped by smoke and were rescued by firefighters. a family of four was displaced. no word on what caused the fire. good virginia could be the status to have caylee's that would require a parent police if their missing, within 24 hours. it is inspired by the casey anthony case. similar laws are expected in as states.30 other virginia governor bob
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mcdonnell will sign a bill that require emergency vehicle through intersections to flashlights for use sirens. was inspired by a woman was killed when a police officer drove staurolite and with her vehicle. a montgomery county will get away in on a curfew. is at 1:30 at inncil headquarters rockville. the plan calls for kids under by age of 18 to be home throughm. sunday thursday. on friday through saturday. is open to the public. singer amy winehouse will tiraspol after a private funeral today. an autopsy failed to determine what killed the 27-year-old grammy winner. toxicology tests could take a month. was found dead in her london saturday. paying aix may end up
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hikes thathe rate have been so controversial. >> linda bell joins us from newmberg headquarters in york with details. good morning. >> good morning. angryx is forecasting into law will cut their profitability. subscriber growth has fallen dramatically because of recent price hikes. plungingthe news is this morning. had a deal ton fail. stalemate hurts yesterday regarding the budget deal. the government is collecting taxes than expected, so
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barkleys believes the u.s. will run out of money. live at bloomberg, abc 7 news from linda bell. 72 degrees. >> still ahead, downsizing the mail. a postal service could be closing thousands of locations. >> the off season is in fast forward. what to expect in the next few the nfl is back in business. >> one more day of relief. more heat and humidity.
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captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back on this early morning. 77 degrees at reagan national. it feels like 82 degrees. temperatures holding the in the for the0'sto part. cooler and drier air off to the north and west. differenceel the on this afternoon. the cold front is well to the south of us. showers and thunderstorms long gone. no need to bring the umbrella, need sunglasses for afternoon once we get
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fog battle patchy by 9:00 this morning. 89-93 degrees. the heat index will not be a problem. nighttime lows will fall into the 60's. daytime highs tomorrow around 93, very similar tool today-- today. kibbe road work outside the gone soon.66 will be outside therk on 66 will be gone soon. the beltway looks good along 66 .nd no worries in maryland or the the freeway.n news.o
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4:41 is the time, 72 degrees. >> an attack on an innocent animal. bold plan under way to tax the gunman. a big sigh of relief for football fans.
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the redskins hit the practice fields in little more than 24 hours. the team will be in a race to opening dayr aesthetics' field against the giants. now reaction to monday's closing news. >> we are grateful for all the work that both sides did to make sure we came to this place and to show the fans we stand here and say football back. that was the nfl commissioner. the nfl universe is sigh of relief. it was a concern for a while. >> in june this woman landed a manager of the johnny rocket's at fedex field. was a job she waited a long get and one that she really needs. she has been sweating out the summer.all it would of been a lot to me >> she is one of hundreds of
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don't in the area who football, but depend on the livelihood.r this person is a beverage manager at fedex field. the thought of no football at the stadium was something that feared. >> fortunately, they came to a deal. we are back in business. thisother happy face is young man. just picked up his idea and starting his first job. he will be working concessions this season. and there are season-ticket with a now walking .step in the -- in their step. >> all they have to do is open
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can join the conversation about the deal to end the nfl lockout. comment on that story at our website, humane society officers are out who shot a ptc around midnight thursday on born of vista terrace. they took the dog outside. when the dog ran behind a building someone in the alley shot her. >> she went around the back and blast.when you heard the >> that is sick. this is a very playful dog. doing is back call man all right. have shotw who may dog, contact the humane society. a baby is back with family after being missing since the weekend. on friday, 16-year-old jonae the boy from his
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father's home in baltimore. to theher had gone store. abc 7 was the only station there found the baby in ortiz d.c. they have questioned the no charges had been filed. we are hearing more from terroreek's anders breivik pleaded not in the oslorday bombing and the massacre of teenagers and an island retreat. one survivor says he tried to get teenagers to escaped by mainland.o the >> some of them were afraid to swim. while they them begged for their lives. police have lowered the death 68. from 86 to there is still no word on
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when 4000 furloughed faa are due back on the job. the faa lost its spending a congressast week after unable to reach a compromise on the budget. the furloughs do not involve any employees whose jobs are related to safety. but eight of the biggest did raise their ticket prices. the u.s. postal service is trying to downsize. they will release a list of 36 3600 post offices that may shut down. them are in smaller communities. relocatingking at alternate locations. information about a local own book toe his to purchase a service dog. did he reach his goal? first, another check on
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traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be right back.
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dry morningquiet, the middle atlantic. have thishing we
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.orning is patchy fog will be laid to rest after a private funeral today. temperatures fog, that will lift by about .:00 this morning the cold front is gone. high-pressure settled back the middle atlantic. if you make it to the delmarva beach is today or tomorrow, beautiful weather, 80's.atures in the mid surf temperature in they low 70's. today the morning fog will dissipate and there's a breeze 5-10 miles an hour. the rush hour commute with lisa baden. no accidents as far as the beltway or interstate.
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clearing overnight construction on the beltway. inner loop at 66. westbound at 66 bridge,the roosevelt road, and alllebe to falls church. is road work near glebe road. is getting the left through. other side of town out of frederick, maryland, normal volume. light traffic on 270 edsall road. no problems to report. back to news. author has-year-old had remarkable success. moss held his first book in all alexandria to pay for service dog. the book is about how the animal help him manage his epilepsy. $9,000 was raised by the book overng, putting them well goal of $39,000 and they
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donating the leftover money children needing dogsbo. >> christina-taylor green life when a gunman inire in january when a arizona. >> and another young woman affected. heard what sudden i thought were fireworks. a few feet away, jared loughner opened fire at congresswoman gabrielle event.s' she was shot three times, my mother. survived.her six people were killed, including nine-year-old
4:56 am
green, a goodor passion for a politics. emma liked politics as well and office. run for >> for as long as i can remember. an organization recently made the first recipients of the christina-taylor green memorial scholarship. for girls from arizona interested in politics. on howwrote an essay experience strengthened her resolve to do politics. >> she just took part in a one- conference to teach 15 students howchool leaders. political >> i feel so honored that they dream.e to carry on her >> dreams that emma shares and fulfill. >> to from tragedy can come strength.
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>> great message. 72 degrees outside. >> still ahead in the next hour, some breaking news. 11 people rushed to the hospital after carbon
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